1) Software Product Development

     We build software products that target Tablet, Mobile, Standard APIs and web applications.

     We utilize our expertise in latest cutting edge technologies and provide the best customer's experience using our

    methodologies and tools.

2) Software Consulting Services
     We provide a unique value proposition for Software consulting services ranging from providing guidelines in
     Custom Software Development, Software Assurance matrix, Code Reviews, Integration patterns and best practices.

3) Product Assessment and Evaluation
     Our process is using standard templates and best practices to asset software products and solutions that best fit your
     environment and existing investment in your organization with minimal overhead if applicable.

4) Business Intelligence Consulting
     We build dashboard and reporting capabilities for your existing DBMS using Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle BI,
     SharePoint and .NET tools.

5) Software Project Planning & Delivery
     We help you in building project and delivery plans by measuring your team's skill set, the risk factors and building release
     and delivery plans for your resources (staff members or contractors).

6) Procurement Services
     We help our customers to get the best on-premise and cloud infrastructure in addition to computer devices that work   
     well with our solutions.